Sunday, October 19, 2008

Small Tragedies

No one cares about children. There are many reasons for that: Children don’t vote. Children don’t give money to the political parties. Children don’t dine with judges, don’t play golf with politicians, and don’t belong to the clubs that big entrepreneurs belong to. And if this wasn’t enough, children can’t even decide on what happen with their own lives. Then, why should we be interested in a group that has no power at all? Why defend those who cannot defend us? How does it help us to protect those who cannot do anything in return for us, nothing?

Because children don’t count in the circles of power, the state, that which is supposed to protect them by means of the so called family courts and agencies, those courts and agencies that are supposed to look for their rights, the state ignores them in everything that is most vital, most necessary for them: the laws of custody, the laws of child support, the laws of adoption...

In order to make us decide to protect children, maybe is not enough to use moral reasons (we should protect the defenseless), social reasons (children who are raised today without a father figure will become a social problem tomorrow), and psychological reasons (children raised today under the single parent custody regime will be more inclined to depression and suicide when they become adults). Maybe we need a reason closer to us, closer to our hearts. I propose one: we should protect children because they are our children, because they are the children of our brothers and sisters, of our friends, of our neighbors, in summary, because they are the children of another human being who feel for them the same unconditional and absolute love that we feel for our children. If no other reason is enough, I believe that this must be.

With this reason on mind, starting today I will publish a new edition of this blog every Sunday. My intention was to start doing it in September, but situations beyond my control didn’t allow that to happen.

I publish this blog with several purposes in mind: first, to expose the tragedy that the present state of laws regarding children welfare represent, by publishing those news on the subject that come to my knowledge. Second, to promote laws that affirm the rights of children, and the rights of their parents to raise them and to relate with them in a fair and healthy manner. The name Children of Mom and Dad summarizes my proposal; children must have mothers and fathers to raise them, no mothers or fathers: our children should not be orphans by decree of the courts, as they presently are. And third, but maybe even more important that all of the above, my purpose is to organize groups that implement actions that promote the goals already mentioned.

There are too many people that don’t have a voice. There are too many tragedies that, because happen in the small kingdom of children, are despised and ignored. Hopefully, from now on, the voice of this blog will be voice of those who have none.

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