Sunday, November 30, 2008


This Thursday the people of the United States celebrated Thanksgiving Day. On that day, we the believers dedicate time to meditate on the gifts that God ha brought into our lives and give Him thanks for them. Since I am a believer, I join that celebration, join that exercise in gratitude. Allow me then to take a rest from the battle for this week and enumerate briefly some of the many gifts that God’s grace has granted me.

I thank God for my family in Puerto Rico, because even in the distance they have been my support in the moments when I needed it the most.

I thank God for my old friends, who have the extended family that, if not my blood, life has given me.

I thank God for my new friends and brothers in arms that life has brought me during this year, letting me know this way that I am not alone in this struggle.

I thank God because He is reestablishing multiplied everything that life had taken from me.

I thank God for the prosperity that has began to bloom in my life, alter a long season of limitations and needs.

I thank God for my health, health to fight the struggles of today and the struggles that Hill come tomorrow.

I thank God for the First United Methodist Church of Montclair, New Jersey, because when my shadows where most dark, it was the instrument used by God to bring back hope.

I thank God for give a job that I like and in which I have a professional future full of possibilities.

I thank God for the privilege of being an adoptive parent, privilege of bringing to a little girl the love and care that every child needs and deserves.

An above all, I thank God for my daughter Sofía Isabel, definitely the greatest and most important of all His gifts.

For all these things, thanks God.

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