Sunday, January 25, 2009

Call for suggestions

Holidays and traditions are important. They make us reconnect with our values, reflect on what we believe, share our beliefs with believers and non-believers. No matter if it is Ramadan, Yom Kippur or Good Friday, all of us who believe in something have special days on which we remember our purpose in life.

When we announced in this space the foundation of the pro joint custody organization Children of Mom and Dad, we announced also our intention of declaring 2009 the Year of Joint Custody. I add to that statement that our intention is to dedicate every year a month, a week and day to publicize the cause of joint custody.

Why a year? Because we should mark the beginning of our campaign in favor of joint custody, a campaign that from this year on will be continuous and total.

Why a month? Why a week? Why a day? Because from this year on, every year we will dedicate a month to intensify the campaign, and on this month, a specific week and day to, in the fashion of liturgical dates, call everyone to think about the terrible condition of the family under the state and state laws.

This celebration would give us the opportunity of bringing the message to every forum, of developing mass media campaigns, in sum, of creating conscience.

We invite all our readers, friends, and brothers and sisters in arms to propose a month, a week and day to be the Month, Week, and Day of Joint Custody.

The process to select the ideal time for this celebration should start choosing a meaningful date, from which would be derived that the week and month to chose would be those on which that date would fall. Allow me to suggest that the date should make remember a specific happening, like the first time a joint custody was awarded in the United States, or one of the many deaths and incarcerations of fathers that have fought for the custody of their children, and have been murdered by their former spouses or punished by the state.

Send us your suggestions. And keep on fighting. Our children are waiting.

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