Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gender Roles and the Status Quo

Fact #1: Women are in a disadvantageous situation in the workplace.

Fact #2: Men are in a disadvantageous situation in family courts.

Fact #3: The legal system political purpose is to preserve the status quo.

The issue of the inequality between genders is in fact an issue about how societies develop their approach to gender roles. The traditional roles assigned to men and women, on which men were assigned to the workplace and women were limited to the domestic realm, are ruthlessly preserved by our legal system and the network of social structures that support it.

Someone would reply that the legal system has passed laws that state the equality of genders at the workplace and at family courts, but the reality is that the same legal system that passed those laws is the one that blocks their enforcement by the intricate placement of financial and procedural roadblocks, with the only purpose of discouraging the victims of discrimination of claiming their legal rights.

It is time already to update not only laws, but also the legal system processes of enforcing them, so that courts procedures match the current stage of modern societies’ development, on which women are a necessary part of our workforce, and men take care of their children in households headed by married couples. Genders should be equal in every field of our lives.

So let us fight for gender equality. The times demand it. And our children are waiting for it.

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