Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rhonda Gale

I recently read the blog post titled “Dads Are Winning Custody of their Children” by Rhonda Gale (, on which, with admirable motherly spirit and solidarity, celebrates the recent advancements of fathers on the matter of the custody of their children, and points out in a brief but accurate way the factors that have allowed this achievements to happen.

Two things called my attention in a special manner. First, that the author of the text is a woman that writes in a blog for women. Many times, we the men who fight for the cause of joint custody, tend to forget that there are many women who are also fighting for the cause, women who are wives, grandmothers, aunts, friends, in summary, women who although are not fathers, see and suffer the harmful effects that the current family laws have in their children and their families.

Second, it surprised me the simplicity and the clarity with which Gale enumerates those causes of the advancements of fathers and children rights. I now summarize those that I consider more important:

• Fathers are becoming more involved in their children's upbringing.

• Fathers are educating themselves on how to win the custody of their children, convincing the judge that they are just as fit as mothers are.

• Fathers are using their intelligence and emotional stability to win their cases.

• More men are willing to invest the money on attorney fees preparing for the legal battle.

• Men are forming support groups and learning from other fathers who have won custody of their children.

Take note.

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