Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Year, Another Battle

This week begins year 2009. When a new year starts, is natural that we set new goals to ourselves. In our case, these goals must be not only those that we set in our personal level, but also those collective goals that lead us to achieve those rights that we look for our children and for us. I propose the following ones:

To affirm our public presence, a loud presence, visible and defiant, that makes clear that to everyone that the current state of thing will not be accepted with resignation and in silence.

To multiply the forums on which we can expose our cause, to talk at schools and at colleges, at churches, at civil groups and workers unions meetings, in radio and TV shows, to write in newspapers and magazines, in the Internet, in summary, to use every venue that we could use to reach new audiences.

To highlight publicly the singularity of fatherhood, proclaiming that the each parent supply different but equally necessary elements to the healthy development of their children.

To promote a continuous dialogue, a debate even, between the fathers that have been denied of their children and their rights and the rest of society, in such a way that our cause will not be forgotten or demoted to an issue of secondary importance.

To establish an organized network of fathers, a network that would serve as support to those fathers that are fighting now for the custody of their children, and to those fathers that are not in that situation now, but want to avoid being in it in the eventuality that in the future their children could be at the mercy of the family courts.

Keep on fighting. Our children are waiting.

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