Sunday, January 4, 2009

The King Is Dead. Long Live The King!

In these moments in which the people who run our governments are changing, and with them public policy, we who relieve in the cause of joint custody should aim our actions and strategies to these new governments and to the way on which they will apply current family laws and modify state policies regarding them.

Countless groups must be already bombing the new members of the government with their interests, interests that go from the most elevated to the lowest, from the ones who look for funds for schools to the ones who seek to deregulate environmental controls. And among these groups, those who oppose our cause by error or by wickedness, by laziness or by complicity.

We should not lie to ourselves: politicians are the ones who control the game and for that reason, no important change will happen without their participation. Some will tell me that I have discovered the Mediterranean, but in struggles like our struggle, in groups like our group, many people like to reduce ours to an innocuous and amorphous “social” struggle, without any real sting, without any real bargaining power.

If our cause is a just cause as it is, if it is as necessary as it is, we need strong arms capable of starting change, and in this case I am talking of presidents, governors, congressmen and women, in summary, of every politician that we could put in our side to implement the transformation that our legal system so urgently needs.

Because there are so many putting pressure on them, those who like us want to get results, have to be particularly resilient, particularly passionate. We have to put pressure on every political party and at every government level. This pressure should be constant and by every possible means: visits to their offices, public meetings, telephone calls, e-mails, interventions in public presentations, letters, interventions in radio and in TV. Pressure should be total.

Now is the time to fight. Our children are waiting.

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